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Sports Registration

  1. Q: Does my child need to have a valid physical on file with the school nurse in order to participate in school sports?

     A: Yes.

  2. Q: What do I do if my child DOES NOT have a valid physical on file with the school nurse?

     A: Go to and type in keyword Roselle Park School District and print out the Sports Physical Packet (from the links) and schedule a physical exam for your child.  The Parent will fill out pages one & two and the doctor will fill out pagers 3 & 4.  Bring all pages with you to the doctor for the physical exam.  

  3. Q: What if my child’s private doctor has a valid physical on my child but I never submitted one to the school nurse?

    A: Go to and print out the School Physical Packet form and complete pages 1 & 2 and have the doctor fill out pages 3 & 4.  Most doctors will just complete the form for you without having to schedule a new physical appointment.  However, please check with your private doctor to see what their policies are.   Hand in the completed paperwork to the school nurse so that we can send the physical out to be cleared by the RPSD doctor. 

  4. Q: May I use my private doctor to complete the school physical?

     A: Yes

  5. Q: When do I need to hand in a Health History Update Questionnaire?
    A: Each student whose physical examination is on file with the school nurse and was completed more than 90 days prior to the first day of official practice shall provide a Health History Update Questionnaire completed and signed by the student’s parent or guardian.  Health History Form can be found on the website under the links menu.

  6. Q: If my son/daughter carries an inhaler or takes medication do I need to hand in additional forms?

     A: Yes.  Those forms can be located on under Links titled “Inhaler Forms/Medication Forms”.

  7. Q: Do I need to register my son/daughter on prior to each sport season?

    A: Yes.  Ex.  If your son/daughter plays soccer and basketball, you would need to register them on the for the Fall Registration and Winter Registration.

  8. Q: Will handing in my child’s paperwork after the deadline prevent him/her from starting the season on time? 

    A: Most likely as the nurse and AD department needs time to clear all paperwork.