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Thank you for your interest in providing Roselle Park School District with a donation! 
If you are looking to make a donation to the district in general, please contact Ms. Tara Miller at [email protected] or by phone at 908-245-1197x1015.  
For donations to a specific school, please contact the school directly:
Roselle Park High School - 908-241-4550
Roselle Park Middle School - 908-245-1634
Aldene Elementary - 908-245-1521
Robert Gordon Elementary 908-245-2285
Sherman Elementary - 908-245-1886
Please note that any technology donations must be approved by the technology department before being accepted by the school district.
In order to receive recognition for your donation, please write a letter (physical or electronic) including the following information, and return it as advised above:
  • A detailed description as to what is being donated;
  • The estimated current market value of the donation;
  • The business/organization name or the individuals full name, mailing address;
  • Tax ID Number (TIN) if there is a desire to have the donation recognized for tax purposes;
  • Date of donation;
  • Signature and name/position of signing entity;