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James Foy
Athletic Director


Official start dates:





Practice Start Dates:

High School

Football 8/10 8am at the fieldhouse

Tennis 8/17 9am at the RPHS tennis courts

Girls Soccer 8/22 8:30am at RPHS

Boys Soccer 8/22 9am at RPHS

Girls Volleyball 8/22 4:30pm at RPHS

Middle School

Boys Middle School 8/29 at 9am at the RPMS

Girls Middle Soccer 8/29 at 9am at the RPMS 



*****Summer recess period workouts will be announced by your coach at your interest meeting.​​​*****

Live Streaming

The RPSD is now livestreaming all home events on Herm Shaw Field as we have partnered with the NFHS network.


Here is how to watch:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for Roselle Park High School and go to our page.
  3. Subscribe and follow.

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Roselle Park Athletic Philosophy

The Roselle Park School District believes that a dynamic and diverse program of student athletic activities is vital to the educational development of the student. Athletics have been, and should continue to be, an integral part of the total educational program at Roselle Park High school and should provide a variety of experiences to aid with the development of favorable values in preparation for adult life.  


The athletic program must conform to policies established by the Roselle Park Board of Education, the Constitution and By-Laws of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, and the Union County Conference. Good Sportsmanship, ethics, and learning are put at a premium by the administration and athletic department as athletics represent an extension of the classroom. Ultimately, the athletic program will serve to emphasize the value of participation without overemphasizing the importance of winning. The educational community of Roselle Park will strive to develop in student-athlete’s positive citizenship, leadership, and sportsmanship while at the same time maintaining a balance between the athletic and academic programs. At all times, the athletic program will be conducted in such a way as to justify it being an educational activity.  


The foundation of the school can be reflected in what occurs before and after the traditional academic day. This extension, whether it be in athletics, in the arts, or in any other co-curricular activity will set the tone for the school year. If students are involved, active, and concerned beyond the classroom, it will have a profound effect on them within the auspices of the classroom itself.