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Special Services Office

MarieMarie Mormelo

Interim Director of Special Services

[email protected]  
908-241-3944 ext. 1022

The Department of Special Services provides special education and/or related services to students found eligible to receive those services. Specialized education and/or related services are designed to provide learning in the “least restrictive environment” and include a variety of placements. Parents, teachers, administration, guidance counselors, nurses, and I&RS teams may refer a child to the Department of Special Services. Parents must send a request letter with concern/s to Director of Special Services. Students who are found eligible to receive services go through a referral and evaluation process. If eligible, specialized education, and/or related services and placements are available to students to meet their individual needs. See Special Education process pdf below.

In the event of a crisis situation where your child might be considered unsafe, please contact the Roselle Park Police, 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Roselle Park School District has the health and safety of your children and our staff as the utmost priority. During full closure, hybrid instruction or return to full in person instruction, the Department of Special Services including Child Study Team, Related Service Providers, BCBA, Nurses, Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals are taking measures to ensure the academic, therapeutic, social emotional, behavioral and medical well-being of your child. Staff members are available during regular school hours for questions regarding meetings, lessons, support, etc. All IEP meetings continue to be conducted virtually. CST evaluations that can be conducted virtually will be conducted virtually. Other evaluations that warrant in person settings are being conducted in person with safety as the team’s first priority.  Teams will work to ensure you receive notifications via phone and/or email. All communication including evaluation reports, consent forms, IEP’s, etc., will continue to be sent via email. In the event you do not have email, your case manager will work with you to ensure you receive documents. While we know that these measures do not begin to replace a school day or meeting with your child’s case manager, we are working within the resources we have.
Child Study Team:
  • Tina Hernandez, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant
  • Jill Afarian, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant
  • Angela Longo, School Psychologist
  • Gina Mulholland, School Psychologist
  • Karena Monzon, School Psychologist
  • Heidi Becker, Social Worker
  • Deborah Cordes, Social Worker
Behavioral Analyst:
  • Laurie Gabriel, BCBA
  • Abigail Folcik
Related Services: Speech Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy:
  • Brittney Coan, SLS
  • Rachelle Langevin, SLS
  • Stephanie Klein, SLS
  • Kimberly Ciprian, SLS
  • Susan Dietzold-Meyers, OT
  • Maria Samadjopoulos, PT
  • Brenda Litterer, Middle School Nurse
  • Kerri Cartnick, Sherman Nurse
  • Elissa Hussey, EJF Aldene Nurse
  • Ana Pereira, Robert Gordon Nurse
  • Rebecca Florczak, High School Nurse