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What Are Standards Based Report Cards?
A Standards Based Report Card measures students' academic progress in specific learning standards or objectives and is more specific than a traditional report card. A SBRC gives a clearer and more detailed picture of a child's academic performance. For example, rather than reporting an overall grade for reading, a SBRC could report specifically on whether a student was meeting the standard for 'asking and answering questions about key details in text' and/or 'could recognize sight words when reading'. A SBRC also provides information on important school-related behaviors, such as following directions and completing work, separately from academic learning.
Why Use Standards Based Report Cards?
Our current, traditional report card does not align with the standards to which the curriculum is based, nor does it align to the instructional strategies that teachers use in the classroom. A SBRC more accurately reflects progress in the academic program to which the students are exposed in school. A traditional report card also mixes school behaviors with academic performance. This does not provide the most accurate picture of a students' learning and ability to meet a standard. Reporting separately in these two areas provides a more accurate picture of a students' strengths and weaknesses.