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Roselle Park’s mission is to provide a quality education through shared responsibility in a safe supportive environment for all students to meet the challenges of a global society. 

We are “Committed to Excellence”, and we work hard to make the site a primary source for timely information for all users, and a main gateway for improved communication between parents, teachers, students and other members of our community. 

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Roselle Park School District
Core Values for Ethical Education

Moral character is not developed automatically. Efforts should be made to assist young people to develop the values necessary to make good moral decisions and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

In the Roselle Park School District we have made a commitment to:

  • Value every person as diverse, important and unique.
  • Accept responsibility for our choices and actions.
  • Be a positive influence on our planet and learn from the world around us.
  • Appreciate that children are best supported when family, culture, community and society are kept in mind.
  • Continually strive to put children first.
  • Recognize that the teaching and modeling of core ethical values as well as the promotion of good character development, is the responsibility of every adult.
Important Messages:

Dogs are not allowed on school property during regular school hours.

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