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BEFORE you register on the portal below, read and keep handy, the
It will be essential in order to understand the MANY changes to the program from previous years, as you navigate the Registration Portal.

Be ready to register online!

Space will be limited.

Deadlines for complete registration will be strictly upheld!


  1. Read the 2022 Camper Handbook to learn this year’s policies, procedures, protocols, and programs.
  2. Have the following ready for upload once the registration portal opens:
  • Recent Camper Photo
  • Recent Immunization Record
  • Photos of Parent/Guardian 1 and 2 (if campers will not be granted permission to sign themselves out)
  • Photos of Authorized Pick up Escorts (if campers will not be granted permission to sign themselves out)
  • Driver’s License or recent utility bill (if you are a Roselle Park resident)
  • Last 2 pages of the 2022 Camper Handbook (Terms and Conditions) with all 6 sections completed.
In order to participate in Early Drop (7:30am-8:00am) and/or Late-Pick up (4:00pm-4:30pm) you must:
  1. Be registered for each program per week via the Registration Portal
  2. Make payment upon check out.
To register after submitting your initial camp application:
  1. Log back in to the Registration Portal and click on View details for 2022
  2. In the Summary section, click Add campers, sessions, options.
  3. Then click “show details” next to the week you wish to add the program.
  4. The option to add Early Drop and/or Late Pick up to your cart will be there.
  5. Follow through and submit cart.

We want to make sure to expedite the pick-up process without compromising our commitment to safety. Please take this time to make sure your Authorized Pick up list is accurate.


Please note, that if photos were uploaded but the names are not listed on the pick up list, your camper cannot be released.


To check/edit your pick up list

  1. Log in to the Registration Portal
  2. Click on Update Household Information in the Forms section
  3. Scroll all the way down to the Authorized Pickup List section (past the Emergency Contacts)
  4. Look at the Names you have entered
    1. The first name listed should be the person who is listed as Parent/Guardian 1 in your Household
    2. The second name listed should be the person who is listed as Parent/Guardian 2 in your Household
  5. If you have Non-Parent Escort photos uploaded:
    1. The 3rd name should be the 1st Non-parent photo
    2. The 4th name should be the 2nd Non-parent photo
    3. The 5th name should be the 3rd Non-parent photo
  6. You can list as many as you wish on this list, but only photos for the 1st three non-parents are required.


To check/edit the order of how you uploaded your photos

  1. Log in to the Registration Portal
  2. Scroll down to the Upload Documents Section
  3. Click on “View submitted document" for each photo item to see who you loaded where.
  4. If you realize you have uploaded a photo in the wrong place, email me and I will delete it from my end so that you can upload the correct one.