Registration Portal

To start a registration application for 2019
Please read the below information BEFORE beginning the online process.

To accomplish a completed registration, you must be able to say yes to the following questions.

  1. Did you submit your application through the portal?
  2. Did you make ALL the initial required payments within 2 weeks of submitting your application?
  3. Did you submit ALL the required documents within 2 weeks of submitting your application?

See the Registration page (pg 5) of the handbook for a list of initial payment and document requirements.

TIPS on how to be PREPARED to say yes to all the items above.


Step 1 -
Be familiar with the 2019 Camper Handbook so you can refer to it during the selection process.
Step 2 - Save the following documents to your desktop before beginning:
     ~Each camper's most recent Immunization Record
     ~Most recent photo of each camper
     ~Photos of Parent 1 and Parent 2
     ~Photos of the 3 non-parent escorts you plan to authorize for pick up
Step 3 -
Know what weeks, days, and times you will be selecting for each camper. You will need to add EVERY week you plan for your camper to attend and make selections within each week. 
Step 4 - Know which activities you will be selecting for each week and each camper.

~Print out the Activity Periods chart from page 13 of the handbook
~Make enough copies for each of your campers and each of the weeks you plan to send each of your campers.
~Label each paper with your campers' name and week (Ex: David Week 1)
~Discuss the activities with your camper and make them part of the selection process to avoid needing to change later on. Activity Descriptions can be found on page 14 & 15 of the handbook.
~Highlight or circle selections for each week/page
~Be cognizant of other programs that you will be selecting which may conflict with the activity period. The portal will have these options so you can indicate that your camper will not be present for that activity period.
~Have all your pages with you when you are making your selections in the portal. 

To begin the registration application process, click on the registration portal below


To view your account or make a payment, click on the portal below.